Fit Girl Essentials


One month down out of the new year…have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions? This year I didn’t exactly make any resolutions per say. However, I did make a goal/dreams list, which I think is way more realistic and motivates me more than creating a list of things wrong with me/the way I do […]

Kate Spade Interview: From J-School to Fashion Designer, Living the New York Dream, and Starting Frances Valentine


If you’ve scrolled through my Instagram for a hot second, I bet you can assume that I already have my Kate-Spade themed wedding planned on Pinterest (you’ve been warned future hubs)! So when I was invited to interview Kate Spade herself (my inspiration both career-wise and stylistically), I was SHOOK. First Tyra Banks, then an […]

Haute Hats With Mother Trucker & Co


What’s Up Beaches, the MRS., and #MOMSQUAD? Bad hair day? No problem. Good hair day? Even better! Top your ‘do off with the trendiest trucker hats taking celebrities by storm these days courtesy of Mother Trucker & Co. Tori Spelling, basically all the Real Housewives posse, and Fuller House star Candace Cameron are snapping these […]

Varsity-Chic Style With Hy-Vee x F&F {Plus Giveaway}


This weekend’s grocery list went a little like this: milk, eggs, yogurt, and a rockin’ new bomber jacket and mock top– wait, what? Yup, you heard that right. My local grocery store Hy-Vee now has the international clothing and accessory brand F&F inside its stores, and I’m here to tell you it’s the bomb{er}.com. Because […]

90s Fashion TBT With Wallflower Jeans <3


I’m badddddd to the bone! We all say it over and over again: “I’ll NEVER wear xx ever again.” And then 10 years later. BAM. You find yourself at the store, wishing you’d kept all those items that went out of style. I’m having that full circle moment, but thankfully Wallflower Jeans hooked me up […]

Weekend in Waterloo | LURAP x Shop Ditto


I’ve been gone the past three weekends, and I’m definitely not complaining! First Chicago, then Phoenix, and last weekend, Waterloo! OK, Waterloo isn’t really THAT exciting, considering I hadn’t heard of this city before I went, but it was a nice, one-night trip with Abigail, who was shooting some engagement pictures in the quaint town. […]

Don’t Ask Why NY x American Eagle | Edgy Sweater Weather


You don’t have to ask a girl twice: the worst part about shopping for clothes (especially for us ladies), is figuring out what size to get. Because there’s no standard sizing system around the world, or even the country, you can be a size 2 at one store and an 8 at another, which is unbelievably […]

Don’t Ask Why NY x American Eagle | Open Back Cowl Tank


Baby got BACK this week. Bet you guys didn’t know that American Eagle has an ultra cool, New York City-meets-Paris-meets-Los Angeles  line with a one-size-fits-all clothing called Don’t Ask Why NY. Well, now you do! One-size-fits-all brands tend to fit a smaller range of sizes, but I have to say I’ve been a fan for the […]

Chambray All Day


October’s been a serious season wake-up call for me. In Arizona, it’s still sunny and hot, but here in Des Moines, there’s this thing called a REAL Fall {complete with crunchy leaves and cool mornings}. I have to say, the weather here is perfection. Jeans, booties and a light sweater have been my go to […]

Altar’d State | Downtown Farmers’ Market


Welcome to a typical Saturday morning with me in downtown Des Moines! If you ever visit me, this is one of the first things we’ll do because, let’s be real, these Iowans go to the market like it’s their JOB. It was so crowded and so large (vendors lined multiple streets in all directions), I kinda […]

Tickled Pink and 22 in Des Moines


Disclaimer: You’re about to experience quite possibly my favorite blog post I’ve ever done! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been waiting to post my 22nd birthday blog like all the fashion bloggers wait for Fashion Week (which also not-so-coincidentally happens to be during my birthday). And thanks to Tswizzle, 22 is now a semi-significant bday, […]

SheIn Summer Sale | Editor’s Picks


This week you’re getting an extra special, hot-off-the-press promo courtesy of SheIn! They’re offering an unreal summer blowout sale that lasts until Monday, so I’ll know what you’ll be doing this weekend. You’re welcome 🙂 Summer may almost be over, but it’s theeee best time of the year to stock up. Plus, you’ll have a […]

Sugar Bowl | Kylie Cosmetics

Sugar, yes please! If you’ve followed my Instagram the past few months, I’m wearing Kylie Lip Kits in like, every photo. So I thought, why not do a entire post dedicated to the collection I’ve started? And better yet, take photos with someone who I talk about them with 24/7 (seriously, we’ve got a lip […]