Chicago Diary Part 1 (and a FREE month of Rocksbox for you!)


I have to say that the good thing about Des Moines is that it’s super easy to take day trips to some pretty poppin’ places, and that makes the little wanderluster in me veryyy pleased. Thankfully, Abigail was down to peace out of Iowa for the weekend and head to Chi town for a 5-hour […]

Chambray All Day


October’s been a serious season wake-up call for me. In Arizona, it’s still sunny and hot, but here in Des Moines, there’s this thing called a REAL Fall {complete with crunchy leaves and cool mornings}. I have to say, the weather here is perfection. Jeans, booties and a light sweater have been my go to […]

Fall, Friendships + Photography | Q&A with Abigail Tocci Creative


In case you haven’t realized it yet, #DSMDoesThings {I suggest looking up this hashtag on the ‘gram because it’s quite entertaining}. It’s really not just cornfields and farmers roaming around here like I know you’re thinking. And you know what? I feel like if I of all people think Des Moines is pretty happenin’, then I […]

Pumpkin Patch: One last hoorah

Welcome to a special Tinseled Pink Thanksgiving post! Saying goodbye to pumpkin season basically brings on the waterworks, but I think we can all say we’ve had a good run with the PSLs, pumpkin bagels and every other ridiculous pumpkin-flavored this and that we’ve found at the grocery store. Now it’s time to say hello […]

Fall How-To: Neons, Florals and Kimonos

Living in Arizona means that seasonal fashion rules don’t apply. And I’m not complaining because you I don’t have to buy a completely new wardrobe when the season changes calenderwise. Neons, florals, peek-a-boo cutouts and tank dresses are the last things you’d associate with fall but with a few warmer accessories, they can be transitioned […]

Jungle Fever

When I was in elementary school, I took a personality quiz that said I should be a park ranger for a career. So obviously that’s not happening and I’m certain my score was rigged, but this is me fulfilling that prophecy for a few hours with an ode to my favorite fall staples-for the desert […]