Boho tea time at Lux

If I haven’t given off the vibe that I sort of┬álive at coffee shops, then I’m clearly not doing something right! It’s a blogger/journalist’s second home. And the pumpkin tea cake and foamy chai paired with Lux’s rustic ambiance would make every fall frenzied girl and boy feel like they’re in heaven. There’s a lot […]

First Apartment Tour 1 | Growing Up

A year from now, I could be in L.A., New York or I could be right where I am now-in my new apartment! Today marks the first day of senior year of college and I couldn’t think of a better post today than one that is a right of passage for most people-moving into your […]

Daisy Craze

I think the best way to create new outfits is by reaching into the back of your closet. No money required and little effort. And that’s exactly what I did this week! I’ve had a couple crop-top halter and maxi skirt sets waiting to be worn for a couple years now. I received them during […]

Downtown Girl

Attending the journalism school at ASU gives me the opportunity to live in the heart of downtown Phoenix. So I thought I should probably give you a little tour of the city that I love! There are plenty of murals, old buildings and quirky pieces of art hiding around town. You’ll always find me exploring […]