I’m Tamara, a 20-something fashion gal with an affinity for gold, glitter and everything that’s “tinseled pink.” You guessed it-my blog name is a spinoff of the classic phrase “tickled pink!” I named my blog Tinseled Pink for a few reasons besides the fact that I, of course, adore the color pink. Like the classic phrase, I’m a classic gal. But my style always has a little unexpected touch. Something edgy. Something over the top. Something shiny and tinseled. Not too much, just enough for people to know that’s Tamara’s style.

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Hey there — welcome to my world! I’m a new grad from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University on the quest to make the world a more colorful, inspiring place through style and storytelling — and of course the color pink. I recently booked a one-way ticket to Des Moines, Iowa to work in E-commerce at Meredith Corporation {aka I get to shop all day, and I’m not complaining}, so I’m excited to share my favorite spots and the trendiest things this big, little city has to offer. Although I may be trying out this Midwest thing for now, Phoenix is always near and dear to my heart, so I’ll make sure to do my best to give you the 411 on my favorite place in the desert whenever I visit. Because I’ve lived all over the country {Southern California born; a brief stop in Austin, Texas; Huntsville, Alabama and Phoenix raised}, I’m always on a quest to discover all things new. This is just the beginning of my post-grad journey, so follow along to see where my wanderlust leads me to next. Because just like you, I have no idea what the future holds!

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Be Tinseled Pink,