Spring Beauty Essentials: Kypris Beauty

I have to admit, beauty products have always been on the back burner for me. I stick to my basic routine because it’s always worked. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?


However, I’ve recently been super curious about all of these trendy skincare lines popping up everywhere, so this week I’m trying the high-end brand Kypris.

My makeup routine doesn’t change too much because while I think beauty is a BLAST, I dread taking off makeup — maybe almost as much as I hate loading the dishwasher. But now that I’m 22, I feel that it’s time to delve into more young adult skincare and step away from the Neutrogena kits I’ve been using for eight years. A couple years ago, I visited the dermatologist because I apparently have this semi-rare form of rosacea, where I get this pesky papules that look like zits but don’t. go. away. My doctor told me it was a sign of my skin transitioning from my teenage years into adulthood (these little things tend to flare up when I drink alcohol, caffeine and greasy food…#sorrynotsorry). Simply put, my skin was confused because of those lovely hormones. It was then that I decided that it was time for my skincare routine to graduate along with me into my 20s.

Nothing against drugstore beauty (all of my makeup is still all under $10!), but I think investing in skincare is a whole other ballgame. Bottom line of beauty: what works for me might not work for you — and vice versa. So let’s investigate three of Kypris’s products…










I tested out three products: The Deep Forest Clay Mask, Mini Beauty Elixir 1 – 1,ooo Roses, and Clearing Serum, which are amazing starters if you want to test out this brand.

What’s most important to me now when it comes to skincare is that everything is natural and SAFE to use. After all, your skin is your biggest organ, so it’s so so vital to treat it with extra care. When I first heard about Kypris, I appreciated that the brand prides itself for its organic, sustainable and beautifully crafted products. None of the products include harsh chemicals, which understandable reflects the higher price tag. Kypirs is a holistic brand backed by science and is made with plant cell technology, is cruelty free, vegan, and doesn’t include any synthetic chemicals or fragrances. OK, so it cleared the background check…does it actually work for me?

Up first…

I tried the clay mask first (left it on for 20 minutes) and could tell that my skin was bouncier and glowed more. I’ve been blessed with pretty great skin, but I certainly get my share of blemishes during that time of the month or in the summer thanks to extra sweating, so I can’t say it’s some sort of miracle product that eradicated environmental damage from my face instantly. Maybe if I use continuously I’ll notice a more dramatic difference, but that’s honestly hard to tell after one shot. Also, the mask has a super potent earthy smell. If you’re not into your bathroom smelling very natural, I would choose a different mask.


If you’ve got acne-prone skin even in the slightest, this Cleansing Serum will be your new go-to item. Not going to lie, the milky, greyish color might be the last thing you’d want to put on your face, but beauty is ugly sometimes? Put the serum on after you wash your face and before you moisturize.

Last, but not least:

The 1,000 roses elixir is what I was initially stoked to try out because — ROSES. Yes, it’s true. This natural oil is infused with 1K roses, and if  you know anything about me, it’s that my life is all about rosé, roses, everything rosey. So, this product spoke to me. It’s ultra moisturizing, so I’ve actually been using it as a moisturizer replacement at night. This all-in-one product also fights against stubborn acne, uneven skin tone, and environmental damage, so it’s basically the ultimate skincare warrior. Obsessed.

*products courtesy of Kypris*

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