Sock It To Me | Gold Toe Socks

Whether you always end up with sock orphans from the wash or you just go through them like crazy (especially if you workout a lot), there’s no such thing as having too many socks. So this week, I was stoked to test out a tried and true brand, Gold Toe, which has been around since 1934, so you know they know how to execute a quality sock.


Thanks to Gold Toe, I know have a colorful assortment of their cloudlike socks and liners for those Sperrys or ballet flats where socks are a no no fashionwise. First impression of them? I never thought socks could treat me so well. I noticed a difference as soon as the plush fabric graced my feet, and I seriously never wanted to take them off. The quality is instantly apparent in the feel and thickness. Plus, the colors and details are fashion forward too. I was in the market for heavy duty athletic socks, and these beauties passed the test with flying colors.

See how I wore mine below!









I typically just pick up a pair of no name socks at the store, but I can say that from now on, I’m always going with the people who know how to craft a quality and stylish sock so that they’ll last for years (and after many hours of wear and tear) to come!

Socks courtesy of Gold Toe

Photos by Lauren Brown

And special thanks to Hannah Cook for letting me take over her stunning apartment.


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