90s Fashion TBT With Wallflower Jeans <3

I’m badddddd to the bone!

We all say it over and over again: “I’ll NEVER wear xx ever again.” And then 10 years later. BAM. You find yourself at the store, wishing you’d kept all those items that went out of style. I’m having that full circle moment, but thankfully Wallflower Jeans hooked me up with a spot on, 90s-girl starter pack!

Luckily, it’s still denim jacket and T-shirt weather in DSM (probbbbably jinxing myself by saying this), so these super stretchy black skinny jeans, grey knotted T-shirt, distressed denim jacket — complete with THE quirkiest buttons ever — chokers and sunglasses came in CLUTCH. 

Wallflower jeans is all about creating super stylish duds for not a lot of cash money, and this girly grunge look proves just that. It’s ultra comfy, and I don’t lie about being comfortable in my clothes. PLUS, the bag of patches and buttons to customize my jacket might have been the most unexpected, but certainly the most fun part of the goody box. I mean, there was a freaking bedazzled FRENCH FRY pin on top of a rainbow, lipstick, and hot air balloon. 

So, should I stick with this Tinseled Punk look? With my new Wallflower Jeans #ootd, I think I might just need a role in some new 90s movie. Right?! Or I’ll just roam the streets of Los Angeles/New York. We’ll probably stick with that because 8th grade drama class wasn’t always my favorite. But apparently I can dress the part, because a man who must’ve been in charge of the building we were taking these photos at called us out. Thankfully, he just wanted to make sure we weren’t up to any monkey business harming the building. *Wipes back of hand across forehead in relief*

Get ready for some denim and choker fabulousness below! Thanks to Wallflower Jeans for welcoming me to the family <3 (I guess this also means I’m officially cool enough to be a member of @betches too??)












Outfit gifted by Wallflower Jeans

photography: abigail tocci photography 

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