Kylie Lip Kits Round 2 | Dirty Peach, Love Bite + Reign

Kylie, can you please stop depleting my savings account? K, thanks. (I’m low key not mad about it, really)

With a sweet cupcake smell, covetable cases and just plain hype, there’s a reason I (and the entire universe, honestly) literally. cannot. stop. buying. Will the madness ever stop? Only time (and new launches) will tell…


It had been about three months and a few new lip kit launches since I had purchased a Kylie Cosmetics loot, so I figured it was time to cave again (sigh). And let me tell ya — these colors are by far my favorite, especially for fall. I’ve yet to buy any other type of Kylie makeup, mostly because I’m really not one to throw out cash on some mascara or blush, but if you know me, lipstick, gloss and balm are #life for me — especially when they stay on as long as these babies (I’m talkin’ night on the town, post-pizza eating).

So here’s the 411 on the three shades I got:


Love Bite is quickly becoming my go t0 — it’s significantly lighter than Kourt K and goes on a LOT smoother and less chunkier than its darker equivalent. It’s the perfect fall shade to add a little glam-goth into your daily look.



Dirty Peach is the perfect transitional color from summer to fall. It’s a good nude with just a hint of peachiness for some fun. Plus, it gives you a great excuse to use the peach emoji — I’m always down for that!



Reign is my second metal color in my collection (I also have heir, which is 10/10), and it certainly lives up to its very prestigious name. It’s a deep, brown-red with a hint of shimmer that adds a touch of mysterious edginess. I’m obsessed with the metals because the shimmer is subtle enough to wear during the day, but really stands out if you wear it when it’s time for a night out.




Photography by Abigail Tocci Creative


I can guarantee this won’t be the last Kylie-dedicated post, so stay tuned to see what she makes me buy next. What’s your fav shade?

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