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Hi friends!

So I’ve been a tad MIA recently, and the blog has pretty much been an Instagram-only situation for the past month or so…but I promise it’s for a huge reason!!

If you’ve been following along, you know that I graduated college in May and have been on the job hunt since then. Not gonna lie, it’s been pretty frustrating to find something that was the *perfect fit*. I was a serious Debbie downer and forrealz thought nothing would come along. I thought I was on top of the game when I started hitting up the job market around March of this year, talking to contacts I’ve met in New York, but there just weren’t any jobs that matched my skill set…until I had my first real interview for a job in San Francisco.

Cut to the chase, I was all set to move to SF but realized I was just hopping on the first thing I was offered. But the signs were right in front of my face. Nothing was working out (affordable/safe housing was a biggie). Moral of the story? Trust your gut because it’s NEVER wrong. I thought I was back to square one. But what do you know? A few weeks later, I found the perfect opportunity on (I also found my gig on there #blessup) so check it out if you want a magazine job. I applied, interviewed and accepted the job in about a week timeframe.

And now I’m living in Des Moines, Iowa working in E-commerce at Better Homes and Gardens! It’s probably the last place that was on my radar, but I’m so glad I’m here because it’s removed a ton of my preconceived ideas of what it’s like in a seemingly quiet Midwest city. I mean, I’ve lived in California, Texas, Alabama and Arizona, so I guess I needed to check out the Midwest before conquering the next big city on my list!

If you Google Des Moines, you’ll find articles explaining how it’s a young, professional hotspot (Forbes  has rated it #1 for business) thanks to revitalization and new businesses popping up basically wherever you go downtown. The arts scene is booming, trendy coffee shops and boutiques have been featured in The New York Times and startups are around every corner.

Did I mention the cost of living is 10 percent below the national average? That definitely helps a recent grad out.

So before you judge a city (like I did),  and I know most of my friends did when I told them where I was headed, do yourself a favor and look it up and visit!

No, there’s no mass transit, just the DART bus system. No, it’s not bustling with people on the streets. And no, there’s no Nordstrom (sigh).

But there’s new things opening that you won’t find in big cities. And a Nordstrom purchase is just a click away. Hellooo free returns.

I’m so excited for the new blogging opportunities here in DSM. I’ll be launching a new DSM series soon so you can see what the city offers, and how it’s like a mini LA or NYC.

Thanks for supporting me, following me and continuing on this journey with me!

So without further ado, I’m officially a #dsmblogger 🙂

To hold you over until my first official DSM post, here’s what my first week looked like:



The cutest wall at Saturday’s farmer’s market (which puts almost all farmer’s markets to shame, btw).


Diggin’ the shovel outside Better Homes and Gardens offices at Meredith Corporation.


If I showed you this photo without knowing the location, you’d probably think this boutique was in New York or LA!


Magnolia Wine Kitchen =trendy, foodie spot goals.


And of course, the State Capitol, which is also my apartment view.




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