Senior Photos

You got a sneak peak of part of my more professional head shots last week that were partly for a collab, but mostly for my senior photos. If you thought those photos were jaw dropping, you better get a new jaw because mine won’t go back in place after seeing these pics!

Quick shoutout: my photographer Rebecca is a senior in HIGH SCHOOL! And she’s already better than many people much older than her. This girl is killin’ it. She has a special eye and has the “do anything for the photo” mentality. Boy, did it pay off.

In this outfit, she basically transformed me into a preppy, Free People-esque model. It’s oh so dreamy.

So enough talking, the pictures speak for themselves.


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unspecified-3photography: Rebecca Condruti // dress: abercrombie (purchased at the outlet) // jewelry: kendra scott // heels: (similar) prada


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