First Apartment Tour 1 | Growing Up

A year from now, I could be in L.A., New York or I could be right where I am now-in my new apartment! Today marks the first day of senior year of college and I couldn’t think of a better post today than one that is a right of passage for most people-moving into your first apartment. After settling in for a week, it’s time for the big reveal. I’m unveiling my apartment in three parts.

*Bonus* Along with my decor digs, you’ll see my new fav foodie-inspired pj sets from Kohl’s! Welcome to part one-my bedroom…

I knew exactly what I wanted my room to look like. I wanted the “Instagram fashion blogger” look. Pure white and touches of pink that make you feel like you’re in a chic store on Madison Ave. And that’s exactly what I got! I got a rockin’ deal on my ruched comforter at JCPenney and found these ultra glam pillows at Kohl’s (Thanks Lauren Conrad, JLo and Juicy Couture!). Aside from the fact that I wanted the coveted blogger look for photos, white bedding has always been a symbol of adulthood and glamour for me. I always saw it in apartment ads, on HGTV or in the swanky homes of the rich and famous. But the part about white bedding that screams adulthood the most for me is that you can’t eat or drink in bed anymore 🙂

The only thing left on my to do list is to hang a few new prints I got to hang above my bed. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to post my wall collage on Instagram for you! *Preview* There will be a hint of Chanel and Vogue, so pretty much perfection.

Speaking of Vogue, you’ll see a photo below of me holding my fav magazine, Teen Vogue. You probably already know but I want (*need) to work for them. Because they remembered me from Fashion U in March they asked me to be one of thirty readers to host a Back-To-School Bash with my friends! I’m receiving a trunk, yes a TRUNK, of goodies from American Apparel, ASOS, Not Your Mother’s and much more. ANDD America’s sweetheart *bae* Ansel Elgort happens to be on the highly anticipated September issue. Stay tuned for a party recap next month.

Life is pretty perfect right now. Enjoy and welcome to my new world!

Shameless plug: go buy the current issue of Teen Vogue!

IMG_0072 copy

IMG_0090 copy

IMG_0113 copy

IMG_0098 copy

IMG_0142 copy

IMG_0148 copy

IMG_0151 copy

IMG_0103 copy

pjs: kohl’s // comforter: jcpenney // pearl pillow: LC Lauren Conrad // faux fur pillow: Juicy Couture // glam pillow: Jennifer Lopez 



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