Teen Vogue Fashion U | Day 3: Graduation Day

Today I didn’t say goodbye to Teen Vogue, I said see you later.

Before our last class at Fashion U, I grabbed coffee and a croissant at Aroma café, just a block away from One World Trade Center. The piece of chocolate served with my coffee definitely increased its Yelp stars for me.

At 8:30 a.m., the editorial/PR/Social Media students piled in to hear Oscar PR girl Erika Bearman speak about revolutionizing the Twitter sphere. Goodie bags filled with Oscar’s latest fragrance and two hot pink bangles waited for us on our seats. Half my suitcase was filled with all my gifts from the three days!

The last seminar with Oscar PR Girl, Erika Bearman.

The last seminar with Oscar PR Girl, Erika Bearman.

Erika was smart, gorgeous and down to earth. She talked about getting out of your comfort zone, maintaining Oscar’s legacy after his death, and let us know that “you are enough.” One of her most mentionable stories was about a lady who told her to “get over yourself” while she was riding the subway. She said she wasn’t even wearing anything designer! Moral of the story-haters gonna hate-don’t let them stop you from being successful!

I did it! TTYL, Teen Vogue.

I did it! TTYL, Teen Vogue.

And just like that, Teen Vogue’s class of 2015 graduated. I received my diploma as I walked out of the doors and headed upstairs to do a final interview and photo-shoot with the Express team. For the last time, I chatted VSCO cam, Instagram and favorite moments from the weekend with the other style ambassadors, the Express team and of course, Sheena. In the midst of exchanging contact info and following each other on Instagram, the security guard had to give us a reminder (or two) to leave so they could clean up. Sorry, but once you get fashionistas talking, there’s no stopping us!

Sheena is Teen Vogue's Integrated Marketing Manager, and the style ambassador's in-house momma for the weekend! Just like her Insta handle suggests, she really doesn't shine! xoxo

Sheena is Teen Vogue’s Integrated Marketing Manager and the style ambassador’s in-house momma for the weekend! Just like her Insta handle suggests, she really does shine! xoxo

I said my goodbyes, exited Condé Nast and walked by the 911 memorial on my way to Century 21, aka fashion heaven. That’s how you get over post Teen Vogue Fashion U withdrawals-more fashion. If you’re not familiar with the store, it’s basically TJMAXX on steroids. Designer clothing and accessories at up to 60 percent off! Definitely a NYC essential.

filming with express

Working with Express was a dream come true. The photographers, Express execs and of course the super chill Snapchat guy were too fun! Here, I’m doing some last minute interviews for future promos and videos for Express’ website.

One of many *awesomely* awkward behind-the-scenes snaps from Express' account this weekend!

One of many *awesomely* awkward behind-the-scenes snaps from Express’ account this weekend!

I ended the day by walking the Brooklyn Bridge with a gyro in hand, stopped to get some Cookie Dough Café (courtesy of @HungryBetches on Instagram, check it out, you won’t regret it, but your wallet will) and went back to my friend’s apartment in Soho. That night, I went to La Esquina with my two friends. If you’re looking for the quintessential NYC dining experience, this is it. With a sign that reads “Corner” in red neon caps, it looks like an old 60s diner. But once you walk inside, you walk downstairs into the basement and step into a dark, intimate, candle-lit room. The plates are tiny, so we ordered about 5 altogether. I ordered a tortilla soup (topped with avocado) and mini chicken tacos. We also ate a sweet queso dip served with plantain chips-weird combination, but so addicting.

And that was that. I woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning and headed out to Bagels on the Square one last time before I made my way to JFK. My flight was delayed two hours, but I didn’t complain. It gave me some one on one time with Teen Vogue’s April issue…and I missed my class. No complaints!

Thanks for the recommendation, @HungryBetches! I may have gone twice...

Thanks for the recommendation, @HungryBetches! I may have gone twice…

On cloud nine...

On cloud nine…

If you want to get into fashion, you need to go to Fashion U. The experience and connections you make are priceless. I’ve loved Teen Vogue for so long because the people behind it continue to reinvent what it means to be a magazine. This weekend, I saw Teen Vogue’s mission come to life-that “Fashion starts here.” Whether you’re the next Hollywood it girl or the next Anna Wintour, I can say from first hand experience that Teen Vogue scouts for the rising stars in all areas of life, because it happened to me.

Hire me, Teen Vogue?

Hire me, Teen Vogue?



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