New York + Teen Vogue Dreams

I’m on my way to the Big Apple today!

I visited New York City for the first time a year and a half ago. And I fell in love before I even laid eyes on Times Square or a slice of melt-in-your mouth cheesecake.

It’s my dream to write for Teen Vogue magazine. Lucky for me, the publisher, Condé Nast recently relocated its offices from Times Square to the World Trade Center building, which I’ll be visiting for spring break!

*Instagram high-rise photos galore*

I’m attending Teen Vogue’s Fashion University three-day seminar in March to learn about fashion editorial/social media/PR from the experts. More like, mega fashion legends. I’m talking Zac Posen, Jessica Simpson and of course the lovely Teen Vogue team.

I’ve been ready for this for quite awhile now.


Business cards printed. Outfits (almost) selected. Ticket bought. Check, check, check! Oh, and in case you missed my instagram post, my photo is featured in Teen Vogue’s March #Readergram! It literally couldn’t have been more perfect timing.


Teen Vogue is obviously the main event for my NYC trip, but here are ten things I’m beyond excited to revisit or try for the first time, this second time around.

Stay tuned for a concrete jungle post (or two) while I’m there!

My NYC Itinerary

1. Carlo’s Bakery. OK, it’s not in New York, but it’s basically associated with the city. I’m flying into New Jersey and it’s on the way to New York. Cannolis and lobster claws here I come!

2. Century 21. The mega shopping store offers discounted designer clothing and accessories that are really hard to resist. Somehow, I was able to walk out without purchasing anything when I went. We’ll see what happens this time.


3. Lombardi’s. Pizza in Little Italy-‘Nough said. You know it’s special when celebs like Miley Cyrus have visited the delicious pizza place nestled in a tiny corner building.


4. Times Square. The blinding billboards, people speaking more languages than I can count on a hand, street artists. What’s not to love?


5. Dominique Ansel Bakery. The beloved pioneer of the Cronut.

6.  Empire State Building. This was basically the only essential NYC landmark I didn’t visit last time. Top of the Rock had breathtaking views of the city, but it kind of keeps haunting me that I haven’t been here yet.

7. MOMA. I visited the Museum of Modern Art last time, but like with any art gallery, you can’t go just once to even begin to understand the art.

8. Central Park. I did a mini photo shoot here with my friend last time, but we only visited one park bench and set of stairs, then left due to time restrictions (we were on a school trip). This time, I want to walk around the entire park and soak up as much greenery as I can.


9. Talk to a Teen Vogue Editor. It’s not a traditional “to-do” item, but it will keep me from chickening out. After all, I’m going to this event to network! Plus, I must brag a little, my business cards are pretty adorable.

10. Brunch. Not sure where yet, but please give me your suggestions if you have any! I’ll update the post with my brunch choice once I go. I really just want a mouth-watering waffle topped with fruit, bottomless coffee (that’s a thing, right?) and cute table settings.

If there’s anything you think I have to do, tell me! There’s so many things to do in New York. It’s completely overwhelming to say the least.

I don’t have much time left to figure things out! T-minus one week until I’m off to New York!


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